The Coldplay concert at Croke Park will be a blast, but the night doesn’t have to end there. If you’re looking to keep the party alive after the show with live music close to croke park, Doyle’s Corner in Phibsboro is the place to be. With its unbeatable combination of great food, affordable drinks, Coldplay-inspired cocktails, and a rocking DJ space for over 250 people, Doyle’s Corner ensures the fun continues long after the concert lights dim. Get ready to extend the Coldplay experience and make memories that will last a lifetime.

Convenient Location: Beat the Traffic and Head Straight to the Party Say goodbye to post-concert traffic woes – Doyle’s Corner is conveniently located near Croke Park, ensuring you can make a quick exit from the venue and dive straight into the after-party. Save on taxis; we are walking distance away! Don’t waste precious time searching for a place to continue the festivities – Doyle’s Corner is just a short distance away, making it the perfect destination to keep the Coldplay energy going. Unmatched Atmosphere: Rock Out with Coldplay Vibes All Night Long Step into Doyle’s Corner and immerse yourself in the Coldplay spirit with other like-minded Coldplay fans. The dedicated rock DJ space sets the stage for an epic post-concert celebration, accommodating over 250 people and ensuring there’s plenty of room to dance the night away. Delicious Fuel for the Party: Great Food to Keep You Going Refuel after the concert with a selection of mouthwatering dishes from Doyle’s Corner’s diverse menu. From hearty classics to late-night bites, there’s something to satisfy every craving. Indulge in budget-friendly options without compromising on flavor – Doyle’s Corner takes pride in serving up delicious food that won’t break the bank. Raise a Glass to the Night: Coldplay Cocktails and Cheap Drinks Keep the Coldplay spirit alive with a selection of themed cocktails that pay homage to the iconic band. Sip on creative concoctions as you toast to an unforgettable concert experience. Enjoy wallet-friendly drink offerings, ensuring you can party the night away without worrying about your tab. Doyle’s Corner makes sure the drinks keep flowing long after the concert ends. Don’t let the Coldplay concert end when the lights come up – continue the party at Doyle’s Corner in Phibsboro. With its convenient location, Coldplay-inspired atmosphere, delicious food, affordable drinks, and rocking DJ space for over 250 people, Doyle’s Corner is the ultimate post-concert hotspot near Croke Park. Keep the Coldplay energy alive and make memories that will have you rocking until dawn – head to Doyle’s Corner and let the party continue.


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